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Working Out Superannuation, TTD and TPD Claims

superannuation claims

Total Permanent Disability (TPD) coverage through a superannuation fund typically provides financial assistance to individuals who are no longer capable to work in their usual occupation or other occupation, due to physical or mental disability, or ill health.

Most people can make a claim through the TPD insurance cover included with their superannuation.

To qualify for TPD, you need to show that either your injury or illness has prevented you from returning to work and that you are unable to continue working in your usual profession, or any alternative professions matching your skills or education.

When you claim for TPD, it is not necessary to prove that your injury or illness was caused by another party, or that it was work related.

If you are suffering from mental health conditions and are unable to work as a result, you are eligible to receive benefits, provided you are able to show that your illness or injury has caused a significant negative impact on your ability to work or engage in daily activities.

What evidence will I need?

All claims must be supported by professional medical evidence that confirms you meet the specific criteria required for TPD claims.

These include records of your education, training and work experience, and evidence explaining why you are no longer suitable for any alternative work that matches your skillset.

For example, you may be medically capable of working in an office related environment, but you may lack the skills and aptitude to find a job suitable for your needs.

What barriers are present in your life to prevent you from gaining employment?

Being able to get a job is one thing, being able to maintain that job is another.

Mental health conditions can result in challenging situations career-wise.

If you can get a job but are unlikely to be able to sustain working in a role long term, you may still be eligible to claim TPD.

Recovering and moving forward from traumatic life events is undeniably difficult.

Every individual manages stress in a unique way and needs to take their own time to adjust to challenging new situations.

Having financial stability and the capacity to meet ongoing expenses, goes a long way in reducing stress while managing your injury or illness.

Never leave it too late to lodge a claim. Being able to access a lump sum payment through a TPD or superannuation claim can alleviate ongoing financial strain from being unable to work.

It can also mean you have financial support available to focus on recovery or moving forward with your life.

Check if you’re eligible for a Compensation Claim

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How to Claim for TPD or TTD

If you need to make a claim, it will need to be verified you are unlikely to ever return to your job (or in some cases, any kind of job) again.

If you are injured and find yourself unable to be able to work ever again, in this instance you would lodge a claim for Total Permanent Disability (TPD claim).

If your injury requires you to be off work for a matter of months while you recover, you may be eligible to claim for Total and Temporary Disability (TTD claim).

You may be eligible to make a TTD claim for lost income, also known as an income replacement claim, depending on your insurance cover.

The key difference between the two is while TPD is permanent and involves a lump sum, TTD is only temporary and is claimed for a specific period of lost income.

Every individual’s claim and circumstances are unique, so it is vital you seek professional advice from a compensation lawyer who can help you decipher the required policies and procedures, and get you to a place where you are supported, financially.

To start a TPD claim, you will need to submit a claim form.

You will also need to get medical reports and information from your doctor, as well as other supporting documentation.

Due to the difficult circumstances and financial loss surrounding a temporary or total and permanent disability, the processing time for a TPD or TTD claim is generally faster than many other types of compensation claims.

In many cases, a TPD claim will be resolved in as short a period as six months.

As experts in superannuation compensation claims, our team can assist you from the outset; ensuring the entire process is as smooth as possible, by reducing any delays or complications in the application stage.

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