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If you have been injured at work, or if by doing your work you have been injured or contracted an illness, then you may be eligible to make a WorkCover claim. At ROC Legal, we can work with you to provide the information you need to understand a WorkCover claim.

Being injured can be difficult. A taxing time does not need to be made more difficult by struggling with a lengthy WorkCover claim, especially if your employer may be at fault. At ROC Legal, our comprehensive advice and guidance can help you to understand your rights and your abilities to claim. 

Our solicitors have experience working with people who have been injured in a range of accidents - from work accidents through to slips, trips and falls - and can offer you the right kind of guidance to make this potentially difficult time easier. 

Speak to our WorkCover lawyers today if you have been injured at work and your doctor considers your injury to be work-related and you suspect that you may have a WorkCover claim, or if you would like more information about how to proceed with a claim for worker compensation. 


What is WorkCover Compensation?

Put simply, WorkCover is in place to assist workers who have been injured at work. WorkCover Queensland provides accident insurance for employers for injuries that happen at work to their employees – with the exception of self-insured companies – and does more than just provide benefits and compensation; they also attempt to assist to get people back to work faster after an injury.

Regardless of fault, if your injury was caused by your work duties, you will be entitled to claim for Workcover benefits – lost wages, medical expenses and rehabilitation expenses.  If your injury was a result of the negligence of your employer you will likely remain on Workcover benefits until such time as no further treatment will assist with your symptoms. If you still have symptoms after your Workcover claim has ceased then those symptoms may be permanent and you should seek legal advice as even the most minor of symptoms can impact on your work performance, income, ability to earn and your well-being.  Once your Workcover benefits have stopped you should then be assessed for a Notice of Assessment (NOA).  Receipt of your notice of assessment normally includes an offer of a lump sum payment.  You should seek legal advice if you have received an offer for a lump sum or notice of assessment.   Receipt of this document opens the door to potentially claim for common law damages if your injury was caused by the negligence or partial negligence of your employer.

The ROC Legal team work to progress WorkCover claims as quickly as possible and can help you to make the whole process easy to understand and navigate.

Injuries don’t just have to include instances that happen at work, and can also include things like lung conditions, hearing impairment, asthma, and degenerative conditions that can be aggravated and worsened by working.  The laws that surround WorkCover claims are suitably complex, and include whether your claim is accepted or rejected, medical assessment tribunals and other rules and regulations that can be confusing.  It’s vital that you seek legal advice and counsel from our dedicated team. Never accept a lump sum payment or an amount from your insurance company or from your employer without first consulting a lawyer. If you would like to speak to our team, please get in touch on 1300 196 219. 

Expert Advice for WorkCover Claims and Compensation

We are proud to have an experienced team of WorkCover lawyers and solicitors who have broad skills in working with people who have been injured in work-related incidents. We can give you sound advice and information on how to manage your WorkCover claim and will be there as counsel when you need it the most. 

You don’t need to go it alone with a WorkCover claim, and when you partner with us at ROC Legal, you’ll get the kind of peace of mind that quality legal representation can offer.

What Should You Do in the Event of Having a WorkCover Claim?

If you think that you have a WorkCover claim to pursue or WorkCover have accepted that you have sustained an injury at work, then it’s important that you get in touch with our team as soon as possible after seeking medical attention. If you doctor considers your injury to be work related we can sit down with you and work out the details of your injury or incident and investigate what kind of claim you may be able to make and whether you would be entitled to lump sum compensation as a result of the negligence of your employer or the negligence of someone other than you.

Common arguments raised by Workcover in a workcover claim can include:-

  • The injury did not occur as alleged or at all;
  • The injury is not work related;
  • The injury is a pre-existing condition and not caused by the work event;

We recommend that you report the injury to your employer immediately, and also visit a qualified medical practitioner as soon as possible after your injury, as we will require medical evidence to prove it was a work-related incident and not a pre-existing ailment. 

If you don’t seek legal advice and follow the correct procedure, this may impact on your ability to claim for worker’s compensation. We can advise you on whether you are eligible to make a claim and what kind of benefits you may be able to claim. 

If your WorkCover claim has involved your employer being negligent, then you need to know your rights, options and procedures involved in order to obtain the best possible outcome for your circumstances.  If you are eligible to claim for common law damages due to the negligence of your employer then we may need to quickly gather information such as witness testimonials, information on your injury and expert reports on the working environment.

Whatever the situation you may be in, it’s vital that you first seek medical attention and then seek legal advice early on so that your case is processed in a timely manner. Strict time limits also apply to bringing about a WorkCover claim, and pre-court procedures can sometimes be lengthy, so it’s very important that you seek legal advice if you have been injured at work.   

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