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When you need legal help, you want to know that the team who are going to be representing you and working alongside you have a thorough understanding of the law, with plenty of experience, and are dedicated to getting you the best result. If you live in Brisbane and need some help or representation in a compensation claim, then get in touch with ROC Legal. We understand compensation - in fact, it’s all we do. 

Whether you have a motor vehicle accident claim, a WorkCover claim, a public liability claim, a superannuation claim, a TPD claim or an institutional sexual abuse claim to make, we are on your side. 

As no win, no fee personal injury lawyers, that means that if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t be charged for legal representation. We will assess your case and speak with you about the likely costs and discuss the options and potential outcomes. For every case with legal merit, we will discuss how to proceed and will guide you throughout the process. 

So, if you have been involved in an accident, been injured or need to make a claim for compensation, please get in touch with our Principal, Robert O’Neil today on 1300 196 219. Robert will go through your personal injury case with you and discuss your options in a confidential and no-obligation chat. If you would prefer to get it all down in writing, please get in touch via email or send through an online submission form and Robert will contact you directly for a free consultation. 

Brisbane Legal Advice

We’re easy to find in the heart of Teneriffe in Brisbane, with an office on Commercial Road. We are well placed to offer in-person legal help and advice to anywhere in Brisbane, and if you can’t come to us, we’ll happily travel and come to you. We’re motivated by providing people in need with compensation and work hard to make sure we’re reaching those that need our legal help. 

Brisbane Legal Compensation Services

While no one ever wants to be in the position where they have to seek compensation, the fact remains that sometimes it happens. And if it does, you want to know that you have the best possible legal care and representation possible. After all, the aim of compensation is to place you back in a position as if the event had never happened, or at least to put you in a position where you are financially compensated for the loss of income or any damage to you.

We offer support and compensation services in the following areas: 

Motor vehicle accident claims

Road accidents are never easy to go through, and while it’s unpleasant, you want to know that you are going to be protected through compensation. If you have been involved in an accident in Brisbane or anywhere else on the roads in Queensland and you have been injured, it’s important that you get us on board and seek compensation. It doesn’t matter if you were riding a bicycle, walking, driving a car or a passenger in a vehicle, you may be entitled to claim. Our compensation team of car accident lawyers Brisbane can help you with your claim and ensure that this potentially challenging time is made easy.

WorkCover claims

If you’ve been injured or hurt at work and need to claim for compensation, then please get in touch. We have the skill and experience to ensure that you are duly compensated for injury or loss suffered at work, and our WorkCover experts can help with legal advice and representation if you need to make a compensation claim.

Public liability claims

Been injured in a public place because of someone else’s negligence? A slip, trip or fall in public that has resulted in an injury may be compensable. It’s important that we are all safe in our society and when using a public place, so if you have been injured, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out if you might be eligible to claim for injury or loss of income.

Super claims

An injury or illness that means you can no longer work may be compensable by superannuation. Speak to our experienced team about the possibility of claiming for an injury or illness through your superannuation and find out how you can potentially seek financial protection.

TPD claims

Are you suffering from an injury or illness and are no longer able to work, either in your current role or in any other capacity? If this is the case, you might be able to claim for a total and permanent disability claim (TPD claim). Get in touch with us to discuss your options today.

Institutional sexual abuse claims

If you have a case which has arisen from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, then please get in touch for sensitive, confidential legal representation. We have a thorough understanding of the needs of our clients in these cases, and we have a proven track record in representation in this area.  

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When you’re going through a potentially difficult time and working through a situation that has required compensation, we know that this can be tough. The last thing we want to do is further complicate your situation by not being prompt with responses, or not giving you the information you need.

When you contact us at ROC Legal, you will speak to a real person and will get confidential legal advice from people who care. And if you get in touch and leave us a message, we’ll get back to you on the same day - and can even travel to meet you.

Don’t spend any more time stressing or worrying about the outcome of your compensation case; get in touch. Our compensation lawyers can speak with you in person and offer individual legal services that aim to give you the best possible outcome.